Monday, April, 13, 2009

The Rorschach Test

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The famous Rorschach from Watchmen actually comes from a Swiss psychiatrist/psychoanalyst named Hermann Rorschach. He designed the Rorschach inkblot test to test for personality traits.

These are two cards from the set of ten. They appear black and white only to keep the cards a secret so that people do not “cheat” if they plan take the exam.


Depending on what you focus on to determine what the inkblot is a picture of shows something about your personality. Those who use the entire inkblot rae said to indicate integrative, conceptual thinking, whereas those that use small details suggest compulsive rigidity. Rorschach also tested people to see if they saw sexual imagery in the inkblots.

240px-rorschachRorschach, appropriately named,  is one of my favorite characters in Watchmen. I like the Comedian more.


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  1. roarshack! i mean rawshark! 😀

    Comment by zigaboo — Tuesday, April, 14, 2009 @ 9:35 am

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