Friday, May, 22, 2009

Off to Uganda!

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I am leaving tomorrow! Well, I will be in New Haven until Wednesday but from then on until June 30th, if you care, you can find me here.

I am more or less packed. I still have to run to CVS tomorrow to pick up some last minute items. I didn’t start packing until 11pm hehe but the Uganda blog will be updated weekly! I will probably have access to the internet once or twice while in Uganda and perhaps in the airports.


Fulton Stall Market

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Opening day was today. It will be at the old Fulton Fish Market every Friday and Saturday until summer sets.


Great location. I hope it will expand and be opened more often throughout the year.

Vicious Circles

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I like this picture a lot.

HIMYM Season 4 DVD

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Pre-order this LEGENDARY SEASON on Amazon for $25.99!

Fighter Jets at Jones Beach!

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I remember once visiting the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in D.C. a couple of years back and it was a huge room filled with motionless aircrafts, fighter jets, and jumbo planes. It wasn’t my favorite museum experience but yesterday at Jones Beach, I watched the U.S. Thunderbirds and Canadian Forces Snowbirds  do a test run by the shoreline and I got so excited watching super fast jets!  The aviation show starts tomorrow but it was so thrilling watching fighter jets do barrel rolls so close to each other and then ascending and descending vertically!

My picture and videos are poor in quality but you get the idea.


Two more short clips inside


Paris Baguette

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Paris Baguette is on the ground floor of Queens Crossing. It is a Starbucks like Korean bakery. The bread, pastries, and other bakery-items are tasty.


This is probably the only shop that I don’t find too ridiculous in Queens Crossing. What’s with stores naming themselves Paris something? There is a Vietnamese sandwich shop in Chinatown called Paris too…

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