Tuesday, May, 12, 2009

Eavesdropping on the Bus/Subway

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So today was my first time riding the bus and subway since forever and I felt so overwhelmed by the conversations that I heard. When I was on the Q27 to Flushing, there were two college aged guys talking about how fun it was to shoot people, especially women,  with all sorts of guns. They were talking and laughing about terrorists and the Iraq war; things that were sick and not at all funny. I was so repulsed by their conversation that I almost told them to shut up because it was incredibly offensive.

Then, on the F train back to Queens, there were three girls who were grabbing each other’s boobies and placing their hands under each other’s shirts. Clearly inappropriate in any sort of public setting. Finally, on the Q46 there were two cokeheads sitting directly behind me, loudly talking about how many times they have been hospitalized because of overdosing. There was one specific story that I remember. The guy said that he once felt so lonely that he called up a hooker but instead of having sex with her, he just spilled his life story to her and paid her $200. They were also talking about how few friends they have and how it was totally okay with them not to have friends because they were just burdens. When they pushed the yellow strip and got ready to leave, I managed to steal a glimpse at their faces. They were not much older than me. I prayed quiet prayers for them all.


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  1. wow,, thats unbelievable..
    you’re a good person joyce~

    Comment by Anonymous — Wednesday, May, 20, 2009 @ 9:58 pm

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