Thursday, July, 30, 2009

Bydgoszcz, Poland

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Damn try pronouncing the city. Really random but Eric and I watched The Pianist the other night and it was set in Warsaw, Poland. Bydgoszcz to Warsaw.


Katamari Damacy Wedding

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At first when I saw this, I was like “Aw so cute!” But I had no idea what Katamari Damacy was and it’s just a video game. I assumed it was Japanese related because well duh the name.

Anyway, Aidra and Ernest had a Katamari Damacy themed wedding and it’s different and with all the hype on youtube with this wedding video I thought I should post this.

Actually upon further thinking, I feel that this is a very charming and delightful idea 🙂

katamariweddingPicture via.

Typographic Map of Paris

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Very very sweet.


Mark Webber carved out a map of Paris that includes street and area names. Since this will be a print, he carved out everything backwards. How ridiculous is that? He has not been able to print yet because he cannot find a printer that can make such large prints.


The block is 1.5 m by 1.8 m. (about 5 x 6 feet)


He did one of New York too.

Elite Colleges and Salaries

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Payscale recently did a survey where they compared school credentials with salaries. N.Y. Times reported on the data. They wanted to know whether the type of college would affect immediate salaries and mid-career salaries (1o years after graduation). Not only did they relate schools to salaries, they also reported on majors versus salaries with engineers leading the way as the best paid profession.

Find your school here.

payscaleschoolsalary2As shown, Dartmouth has the highest mid-career median salary. Look at the other schools though: Polytechnic Brooklyn, Colgate and Bucknell.

payscalemajorsI’ve posted this before about 2008 graduate majors and salaries. To sum up, those who study engineer, economics, mathematics and sciences usually earn the most.

bottom10Haha. I love this chart that shows the majors with the lowest pay. Guess what I plan to study? Shat money. But then again, I am not studying for the money 😛

This set of data would have been so helpful for me last semester because I wrote a final paper on this topic.

Thursday, July, 23, 2009

Navy Showers

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Navy shower is a showering method that saves a lot of water. Obviously, this form of showering originated from the naval ships where fresh water was scarce. I think most of their showers were cold too.

The steps:

1. Turn on Water

2. Wet Body

3. Turn off water

4. Soap up and Scrub

5. Turn back on the water and Rinse off

6. Turn off water

Crew members did this in 2 minutes. Now people are doing this to conserve water.

A 10-minute shower uses up 230 L (60 Gallons) of water. (That’s 11+ Jerry cans?!) I use to take 20-minute showers. A 2-minute one only uses 11L (3 Gallons) of water. When I was in Uganda, I don’t even think I used up 11L (more than half a Jerry can) but we took longer than 2-minutes showers. Now, I don’t think I can take 2-minute showers, more like 5-minute Navy showers.

Tuesday, July, 21, 2009

Bottled Water

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I collect glass bottles.

The water from Berg comes from Canadian icebergs.

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