Wednesday, July, 1, 2009


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I am back in the states. I won’t feel bothered if you asked me how it was as long as you genuinely want to hear from me. I also deeply miss my teammates. I miss seeing their faces every morning.  I miss a lot of stuff in Uganda and it’s hard to reread journal entries or even the Bible because it reminds me of  what seems like another life. I like not having personal agendas every day. It’s stress free.

Pictures and videos will slowly emerge online but as of now I’m moving like a snail. Anyway it’s good to be home. My parents are a handful but they are who they are. I missed Eric a lot.

I learned a lot. I learned about faith, suffering, corruption, social justice, the Big Picture,  my small story, and how they are related. Hope to share with you all because it’ll probably be a thought-provoking conversation. Have I changed? Yeah. For the better. Knowledge is grief. (Ecclesiastes 1: 18)

I am not black/soy sauced at all. The sun is too powerful to risk not standing under a mango tree. Trying to catch up with everyone else’s lives. I am a bit more brave now in terms of dealing with bugs, birds and gross situations. I don’t think I’ll freak out as much.

My sincere thanks to everyone who prayed for my team and supported me financially. I hope my stories will confirm that your investment in me was beyond worth it.

I have had to said a lot of goodbyes.

Looking to import some Tangawizi but ebay only has Tangawizi teas.



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