Friday, September, 25, 2009

Walnut Creek

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Watch two more videos here.

I personally love the weather in California. Bright sunny days cheer me up. Eric was a wuss and didn’t want to hike up further so we missed the scenic view of San Francisco. If we have time, I want to venture back out there when the sun isn’t exactly blazing on my back.


Thursday, September, 10, 2009

TOMS New Cordones Collection

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TOMS Shoes unveiled its new fall line of Cordones.


Barletta Cordones


Aira Cordones

Monday, September, 7, 2009

Subscribe to febieandmokipie

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Subscribe so that they can become famous!!

Friday, September, 4, 2009

The Forest

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I don’t like saying what I would like to do for the future because they tend to be naive ideas but I want to study abroad in two countries for my junior year. Haven’t heard of anyone who has done that. The two places I have in mind are Auckland and London. Friends from the class of 2012, study abroad with me. How great would that be?

House program ideas have also plagued my mind and most of them might flop. Not looking forward to failures. Not looking forward to confrontations or being vulnerable.

Heading off to San Francisco the last weekend of September. Wedding. Smile. Seeing Grandmom for the last time. Tear. Massive family gathering. All Smiles.  Missing Uganda debriefing. Sigh.

I must have nothing to do, writing so much for a post. Excited to eat lunch. I made so many to do lists on Stickies!

Neil Gaiman’s Library

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Neil Gaiman’s Library is ridiculously filled, but then again what do you expect from an author who writes great books?

More images here.

A part of me dreams for this gigantic library but the other part is thinking this is a lot of accumulated stuff.

Thursday, September, 3, 2009

Arrival Day for the Frosh

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Why does Wesleyan always get me during Orientation?

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