Tuesday, December, 8, 2009

Boston, Papers, Exams…etc

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I was in Boston this past weekend hanging out with the two best peeps in the world, Emily and Tiffany. They have a pretty sweet apartment and we had some adventures 🙂

Now, I have a lot of papers and exams due but I wil be done December 18th!!! I am so pumped for December 18th. Also, I have a West African Dance Performance on the night of December 18th, a huge dance party to end the semester. Come if you can. This will probably be the one and only time you’ll see me “dance” on stage.

I am also currently very excited about my sociology classes and I can rant on and on about stuff that I have been learning. I have been reading and watching books and movies with a sociological frame. It’s great. Check out stuff I have watched and read recently:


Menace II Society:

Compelled to Excel: Immigration, Education, and Opportunity Among Chinese Americans by Vivian Louie.


Fallin’ For You-Gabebondoc

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This has been on Emily’s status for a couple days now. Hehe, this song makes me think of silliness!

New Sun Maid Girl

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Look at this new Barbie looking Sun Maid Girl…what is going on? What is with the poor quality looking background on the website? Ugly improvement.

Sun Maid Girl doing yoga on a beach. Isn’t she suppose to be in a vineyard?

Thanks Hayley.

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