Thursday, January, 14, 2010

My Thoughts on Justice and Faith

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If there is anything I learned from Urbana, it is the continuing conviction to be involved with justice issues at home and abroad. I often feel quite cynical about raising awareness for causes because many times my efforts seem to fall on deaf ears. People seem too concerned with their daily activities to really care about overused and generalized words such as human slavery or poverty. My cynicism has immobilized me in the past semester at school and it was very hard for me to “do anything.” Cynicism has also instilled a sense of despair even though I believe in a God of hope. So much for my faith. But I thank God for His grace that it is not by my strength that rescue is brought to the orphaned and widowed and voice is given to the voiceless. He has broken in me once again the paralyzing grip of despair  that I can be used as an agent of love and healing. I really need to stop believing that those words are for the foolish and “rosy minded” people and start believing that they are divine Truths to act upon.

Anyway, I have been following Eugene Cho via twitter, his blog, and the organization he and his wife started: One Day’s Wages.

I finished reading Gary Haugen’s Good News about Injustice: A Witness of Courage in a Hurting World. Gary Haugen is the CEO of International Justice Mission. I am not going to lie but I want to work for them. I said “I’m not going to lie” because I always feel like there are people who laugh at me for dreaming. Maybe the people I imagine to be laughing at me is myself. Another lie.

The other organization I have been following is Sojourners, a ministry that responds to the Biblical calling of social justice. Their blog is a collaborative effort of diverse writers who blog about faith, politics, and culture.

My final thought about justice and faith is that evangelism is proclaiming the good news that God deeply desires to free the oppressed, redeem the oppressors, feed the hunger, and clothe the naked. It is not to convert people into Biblical rules and laws. I am saddened when I encounter “Christians” who do not embody the God of justice in their faith (myself included). They (I am) are seriously leading impoverished and empty lives.


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