Saturday, March, 27, 2010

The Roof Blew Off…

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The roof of Child Voice International’s school in Lukodi blew off after last week’s hail and wind storm. Here are some pictures from Lowna who works at CVI:

D’Andrea, who also works at CVI right now, assessed the damage on the Lukodi compound on Uganda’s National TV.

Lukodi’s school was where I served last summer. I am thankful that none of the girls, their children or staff were hurt. Keeping them in prayer.


Friday, March, 26, 2010

The World’s Largest Pool

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Is located in Chile’s San Alfonso del Mar resort. The pool is 115-foot deep and filled with 66-million-gallons of water pumped from the Pacific Ocean. An Olympic-size pool is 164 feet long, 6 feet and 7 inches deep and 660,000 gallons. Crystal Lagoon is responsible for creating this huge thing and they are going to build another resort in Egypt.

What a waste of water. I don’t think I ever want to go there.

Wednesday, March, 24, 2010

Health Care Reform

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I am reading the front page of the N.Y. Times this morning and I just want to highlight some things in it.

A big chunk of the money to pay for the bill comes from lifting payroll taxes on households making more than $250,000.

Another major piece of financing would cut Medicare subsidies for private insurers, ultimately affecting their executives and shareholders.

The benefits, meanwhile, flow mostly to households making less than four times the poverty level — $88,200 for a family of four people. Those without insurance in this group will become eligible to receive subsidies or to join Medicaid. (Many of the poor are already covered by Medicaid.) Insurance costs are also likely to drop for higher-income workers at small companies.

Via In Health Care Bill, Obama Attacks Wealth Inequality (Bold added)

Also, college students/peer age people can be medically covered under our parents/guardians’ insurance until we are 26 instead of 23.

Do I think this is the end-all, solve-all bill?  No and Obama doesn’t think so either but I do think this will do society good. At least much better than our previous system.

I made my very own Barack Obama signature!

Friday, March, 19, 2010

Freedom Gala

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I volunteered last night for RestoreNYC‘s fundraising event, Freedom Gala, at Orensanz (172 Norfolk St). Orensanz was a beautiful place to host the event. Restore was raising money for the safe house that they want to build for the 35 sex-trafficked women they work with. They raised $138,000! And about 400 people attended! Since I was busing tables it didn’t seem like there were 400 people there. Sweet sweet stuff.

This is what I want to do this summer

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Or volunteer in New York, take bartending classes at Columbia, start a garden, read some books (list), watch some movies (list), go to New Orleans for the mission trip I missed, or cater/wait tables.

I need to finish C.S. Lewis’ Miracles! I can’t make myself read though, it’s too nice outside and I tried reading outside yesterday but totally failed. I also tried to read while walking which amounted to two pages per two hours. A walk would be very nice today. I might do that later.

My mind wanders a lot. Especially to places I want to travel to. I realize that I say “I want” a lot. I don’t like that but I do it anyway.

I watched a video on ABC News about the Texas textbook controversy. It is frightening how much power the Texas school board has over textbook sales; actually, how much power Don McLeroy has.

Read Donald Miller’s blog this morning and I really enjoyed his post about “Every Day Actions Into Spiritual Rituals.” I found the every day actions he wrote about personally comforting as weird as that sounds but I agree that rituals do serve as a sense of security and a connection with God. I might reflect more on my own spiritual rituals today, that is an idea. I also like his idea of using a new and differently translated Bible after reading one through so that the underlines will be different for each Bible.

I also followed the back and forth between Glenn Beck and Jim Wallis. I liked how Donald Miller described Jim Wallis as a very gentle person and correctly exemplified what “turning the other cheek” looks like.

This was a loaded Christian/Christianity post that had mostly nothing to do with what I want to do this summer. But yeah I want to go to British Columbia this summer to visit my cousin and be completely humbled by the awfully beautiful mountains. Any one want to go with me? I don’t want to be a solo traveler.

Friday, March, 5, 2010

Spring Break

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Looks like another road trip except that I won’t be making touristy stops along the way. Wonder if google will ask me to take down the above image.

Can’t wait for 60+ degree weather at St. Simons! My parents aren’t too happy with me only coming back for a weekend. I also want to get into the mode where I go to random churches for Sunday service if I am away from my home church. I’ll see if I can go to one this weekend in Georgia. I like to test the hospitality of churches…and of course be in the holy presence of God with some sinners haha.

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