Wednesday, April, 21, 2010

Classes for Fall Junior Year

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Already…goodness. I’m going to be a junior in about 5 months. I received part of my class schedule for next semester and would like to share it with the world because I’m pretty excited for it. Then again, when have I not been excited for class? 😛

The overall idea of picking classes for next semester was to chill out and challenge different parts of my brain.

Drawing: YES! Can’t wait to draw naked people. No, but I am looking forward to spending a minimum four hours a week, simply drawing and not having to think about words. First choice in classes.

Selected Topics: Nietzsche, Simmel, Foucault, Deleuze, Agamben Still But Why?: This is a social theory course that I am somewhat terrified of. I am taking it because the professor is supposedly one of the social theorist of our time and I also want to take sociology classes with a variety of professors. So far so good. From what I have heard, this professor will help me appreciate social theory and understand the foundation of sociology much more, which is something I think is important if I’m going to major in this.

Christianity and Philosophy: I was not going to take this class even though it sparked some interest when a friend told me about it. The professor is one of the three more prominently professing Christian professors on campus. Originally, I was going to take Civic Engagement but my advisor, who is going to be the professor of that class said that he might not be teaching it and since the class time of Civic Engagement and Christianity and Philosophy overlapped, my advisor told me to take Christianity and Philosophy instead. Spontaneous decision but still looking forward to this class because it will delve deeper into the area of philosophy and apologetics instead of the broad range of topics that the Apologetics Tutorial that I am currently taking touches.

Introduction to Asian American Literature: This was also a random class that I briefly saw in the English department and thought: Eh…looks interesting but I also have been wanting to take an English class at Wes because our English department is supposedly pretty rockin. After watching a lot of cultural shows last weekend, this class became more appealing especially since I find that my Chinese American identity is an important aspect in my life. Being at Wesleyan has both heightened my Chinese identity because I am constantly surrounded by Whites/non-Chinese people and at the same time, lessened my Chinese identity because I am also trying to fully embrace my American identity, whatever that means. Honestly, I have not read any of the books on the reading list and I hope that talking about and discussing Asian American books and authors will help me develop a greater understanding of who I am.

There are three other classes that I want to get into but I can’t register for yet:

  • Ebony Singers: singing gospel music every Monday nights!
  • Taiko Drumming: !!!! I WANT to take this class so badly. These drums are super powerful and just badass. No other way to describe it. I auditioned last semester but was wait-listed. (Poops!) This class is just way too popular.
  • Guitar Lessons: time to get better in playing and maybe be a more legit guitarist!


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