Wednesday, November, 17, 2010

Ebony Singers

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I woke up this morning and was thankful that this song was stuck in my head, otherwise I would have had a sucky start to a potentially sucky day.

And We Are Glad- Joe Pace

Ebony Singers is a class I am taking and the songs we sing randomly pop up in my head throughout the day, which is a great thing because these songs are so positive and uplifting. I mean even if you disagree or don’t believe in the lyrics, the songs themselves sound so epic that you can’t help but try to sing as epically as the choir is singing.

These were the other two songs that I started singing while walking home:

I Am God- Donald Lawrence

Giants-Donald Lawrence

Usually at the end of class, I feel super lightheaded from singing my head off.

My professor is Dr. Marichal Monts, the pastor of Citadel of Love in Hartford.

Our concert is December 6th at 8P!


Sunday, November, 7, 2010

Things that I am slightly obsessed with…

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Here is a list of things I am quite enamored by as of late:

1. Coffee-one cup of straight black coffee has seriously brightened my days (and nights…). It is a bit unsettling knowing that I am awake because of caffeine and not the natural will of my body.

2. Asics Running Shoes-I want to wear them every single day.

3. Taiko– Smashing loud drums and doing awesome batchi (drum stick) tricks rock. (See previous post) You all better be coming to my concert: Friday, December 3-8PM. Plus my arms are super buff right now.

4. Toasted blueberry bagels or blueberry muffins-seriously irresistible breakfast/brunch food. With a cup of hot coffee at hand, this totally makes my day.

5. My rainboots-puddle splashing and kicking up water make rainy days less depressing.

6. Yogurt and granola, especially Fage with Bear Naked-if anyone has eaten with me at Usdan, you know that I will get a bowl at every and any meal. I can seriously eat a whole container of Fage and a bag of Bear Naked in one sitting. Don’t tempt me.

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