Friday, March, 5, 2010

Long Time No Post…

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Yeah I have been crazy busy cause I am a busy person…not really, school has just been consuming my every waking hour but I am done with midterms! Finally, two-week spring break starts tomorrow.  I submitted a paper tonight and also got my social theory paper back. I wasn’t too happy with that grade but I have been feeling semi-apathetic about grades. Usually after getting poor grades, I mentally lacerate myself with terrible, condescending thoughts but I’m sort of over that now. Hmm, maybe I won’t say apathy because I still do care but I’m also okay with being a ”  ” student.

Wow, I don’t know why I ranted about grades. What I wanted to blog about was Kara Walker’s artwork. She makes silhouettes inspired by Antebellum South folklore on gender and identity issues. They are highly controversial, but personally, I think they shouldn’t be. You can check out a whole biography thing that PBS did on her here.

Camptown Ladies from PBS


Sunday, October, 25, 2009

2012 Pictograms

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The London 2012 Olympic pictograms were revealed about a week ago. Awesome stuff! Can’t tell what the second pictogram on the third row from the bottom is…I was hoping it was an Ultimate player laying out but it could also be a volleyball player digging. But, there is another volleyball player right next to it about to hit.

Thursday, October, 1, 2009

Death Drive

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albertcamusjan4th_0Albert Camus, January 4, 1960

jacksonpollock_0Jackson Pollack, August 11, 1956

princessdiana_0Princess Diana, August 31, 1997

Death Drive is an exhibit by Dean Rogers and it is opening this weekend at The Wapping Project. (Unfortunately, not in this country)

Garden That Climbs The Steps

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Garden That Climbs The Steps. Bilbao, Spain.

Thursday, September, 3, 2009

And Other Things…

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ARMOgedon 205.

I have been back on campus for what seems like a really long time now even though it’s been less than two weeks. I have not been blogging because every day has been the same with ResLife Training but there are tidbits that I would like to share. I figured these tidbits weren’t worthy of their own individual posts but I might simply be too lazy.

Yesterday evening was special because Jupiter’s moons vanished completely from our perspective on Earth. It was quite a big deal because it happens once every ten years. I caught glimpses of it through the telescope before the moons disappeared into the shadows of Jupiter. Seeing Jupiter through a telescope is amazing if I really think and reflect on it. Viewing any thing in the universe is humbling.

Uganda news:

Finally, the U.S. Open has begun. Not going this year though, which is kind of poops.

Wednesday, August, 26, 2009

Smiley Clouds

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I wish Stuart Semple could release some happy clouds over Wesleyan. 🙂

In Moncler.

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