Thursday, September, 10, 2009

TOMS New Cordones Collection

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TOMS Shoes unveiled its new fall line of Cordones.


Barletta Cordones


Aira Cordones


Thursday, September, 3, 2009

TOMS Shoes

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I will buy a pair soon. I don’t like how they have more selections for men than for women.

But of the limited number of women selections:


10-TOMS1009-HRed Canvas. I saw a yellow pair earlier in the year. Should have bought it then.


Khaki/Plaid Woven Fleece Line. There are better fleece lined ones but they are more than what I budgeted for.

Buy a pair of TOMS. They give a pair away every time you buy one.

Wednesday, May, 13, 2009

More Crazy Japanese Bras

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So remember those crazy bras that I posted awhile back about a Japanese bra company making shopping bag and chopstick bras? Well, Triumph International recently invented a new marriage bra and modeled it for the world to see.


There is literally an electronic nuptial timepiece on the bra and a slot for an engagement ring. When the ring is placed in the slot, the clock stops counting down and the “Wedding March” plays. This bra was invented in response to declining marriage rates and the increasing average marriage age for women. (28!!!)

Tuesday, February, 24, 2009


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Freitag F33 Bonanza.


Monday, February, 2, 2009

Australian Open Logo

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The Australian Open concluded earlier this week with Rafael Nadal defeating Roger Federer in the men’s division and Serena Williams over Dinara Safina in the women’s side. The great tennis matches entertained me while I was at the gym. But! this “Melbourne” logo that is imprinted on the floor and walls around the line judges are ugly. It doesn’t look like it fits in a tennis court.

Nadal’s outfits did look splendid. Some people were mad that he gave up his usual tanks and long shorts for the traditional polo and knee length shorts, but I think both of his outfits were great.


The one on the left was his 2009 Australian Open outfit. The middle one was from 2007 and the right one was from 2005.

Friday, November, 28, 2008

It’s Black Friday and I’m Not Shopping

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Because I found these awesome hideous and tacky sweaters, scarfs, and vests in my basement. They mean a lot to my mom because she made some of them and the ones that she didn’t make, my aunt gave them to her. I can’t wait to wear them.

Actually, I lied. I might go shopping today but not for clothes. I hate the ugly mess people make throwing and trampling on the clothes that are strewn on the floors.

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