Sunday, May, 16, 2010

New New York License Plates

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These are such eye sores. They suck.

It’s “empire gold” or like rotten cheese. Picking car colors will be difficult now.


Tuesday, July, 21, 2009

Tata Nano

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Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, is now being sold in India. They started selling them last Friday. It costs about 100,000 rupees or $2055 USD.

Wednesday, April, 15, 2009

New York Auto Show 2009

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The New York Auto Show is happening already. It is running from April 10-19th at Jacob Javits Center. Tickets are quite expensive but I can’t go anyway because I am still at school.

vwI love Volkswagens. 2010 VW Golf.


And Porsches. Porsche 911 GT3


I don’t love Scions but I wouldn’t mind driving this Scion iQ concept car.

Monday, March, 16, 2009

BMW Art Cars

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N.Y. Times has a slideshow today featuring people who painted and colored their BMWs. Very hot.


1976 BMW 3.0 CSL designed by Frank Stella.

Taking a couple of days off to stay at Bing 🙂 Will be returning in 31 hours or so. Cheers!

Sunday, June, 8, 2008

Volkswagen Tiguan

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Volkswagen Tiguan

I love all Volkswagen models. Tiguan, no different.

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