Saturday, September, 18, 2010

Ann Coulter and “Fast Track” Christianity

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A friend of mine showed me today a video of Danny Deutsch interviewing Ann Coulter on the Big Idea Show. It was extremely horrific watching this and afterwards my friend (not a Christian) said that she was a “demon.” Yeah seriously…she might be. I immediately thought of the many Scriptures that speak of false prophets who deceive and dress in sheep’s clothing but are actually ferocious wolves. She really shouldn’t be allowed to speak or rather shouldn’t be speaking on behalf of all Christians and worst- Jesus.

Some thoughts:

  1. Watching this video made me understand on a deeper level of why Christianity is such a thorn in America, American politics and academic circles. Growing up in an ethnic-specific church fortunately spared me (for the most part) from hearing the hateful and offensive comments personalities like Ann Coulter make.
  2. On that note, I feel that non-whites and international students (mostly at my school) need to understand and acknowledge the fears that many whites have. A lot of friends from school probably came to Wesleyan for the sole purpose of avoiding and rejecting Coulter-like people. So understandable. Christians deny any association with these “crazy conservatives” and say that’s not the real Jesus, it’s not what Christianity is about, I’m not like that but what are we saying? Have we said anything as loud as what Coulter is saying? Her words have been filling up the airwaves and Jesus’ teachings have been drowned out. I am so guilty of not clarifying who Jesus is or what the Christian faith is. I guess sometimes we also need to be silent and just be with those who are bitter and hate “Christians.” Maybe even if I tried to explain, it would make things messier. Restoration work is needed.
  3. What Scripture says about how false prophets will deceive people (Matthew 24. 11) and even the elect (Matthew 24.24) is frightening because people are listening and following Coulter! All seven of her books have made the N.Y. Times Best Seller List, selling about 3 million copies. Can anyone be so inflexible and unyielding in their beliefs? She believes that conservatism is the best and most perfect view and liberals, liberal thoughts are just completely wrong. She also speaks at a bunch of mega-churches across America. Who is inviting her to speak? Who dares to allow her to speak from the pulpit?

Comments on the video:

  1. She glorified the diversity in mega-churches and commented that mixed-racial couples in New York City look like they have a “chip on their shoulders.” I think I still agree with Martin Luther King when he remarked on how the most segregated day of the week is Sunday at 11:00AM when church service usually begins. That mixed race couple in NYC may be showing more love than churches have been showing to one another.
  2. What the heck is “fast track Christianity?” It certainly is not fast track if Paul’s words of running a race with perseverance and pressing on until the end are mentioned in the New Testament. It maybe easy if she is saying that all you have to do is believe in order to get to heaven but believing requires things like dying to the self, loving God with all of our hearts, minds and souls and loving people until it hurts.
  3. Finally, her anti-Semitic comment about how she wants “Jews to be perfected” has got to be the most blasphemous thing. Does she think she has attained perfection? Is not sanctification a daily and grueling process of working out our relationship with God?
  4. Deutsch kept pointing out how she was suppose to be “educated” and yet she still was making outrageous comments. She graduated from Cornell University cum laude with a B.A. in history and then got her law degree from University of Michigan. It is possible that academia’s liberal bent might have incubated her super conservative views.

My concluding thoughts are that I’m tired with watching these videos of people who claim to be Christians and are not speaking words of Love. If I do watch them, however, I will respond to them and I pray to God that my responses will represent God in a more truthful light.


Friday, April, 16, 2010

Francis Schaeffer and L’Abri

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So this was the least scary picture I found of him…haha.

Like I said last post, I wanted to write something about the life of Francis Schaeffer after reading one of his biographies. The biography is titled Francis Schaeffer And the Shaping of Evangelical America and is authored by Barry Hankins. Hankins divides Schaeffer’s life into three stages:

  1. Staunch fundamentalist against modern and liberal theology and Christians. Basically there were “Christians”  preaching about the Christian God without believing or mentioning sin or the resurrection of Jesus Christ, more or less. (That is a very shallow explanation but you get me) He led a lot of separationist movements and encouraged congregants to leave their churches if their churches believed in Christian liberalism.
  2. Establishment of L’Abri in Switzerland. I find this part of his life so fascinating because he basically became this philosophical, culturally engaged and loving thinker, teacher and preacher. He set up this school called L’Abri, where people could stay free of charge but had to work for half the day for food and board and then participate in either personal studies or theological and spiritual discussions for the other half. He would have long conversations that would end well past midnight that were incredibly stimulating, persuasive and engaging. In short, he was doing apologetics with hospitality by not simply arguing and debating atheists, agnostics or subscribers to different religions but deeply cared about their well being and stay at L’Abri. Most of the people who stayed at L’Abri were college and recently graduated folks. One of his most memorable teachings was the “line of despair” where he pushed his students to the brink of existentialist thought and challenged them to think and come to terms with whatever was beyond that.
  3. Republican, conservative, right winged evangelical. This was unfortunate, not that he was part of the Conservative party but that politicians and especially his son pushed him into arguing and dealing with the political mess in America. I am not saying that Schaffer’s views were not incongruous to the Republican party; he certainly agreed on some points but he also vehemently disagreed with certain issues as well. The Republican party basically used Schaeffer to advance their political agenda and thus gain votes and the evangelical crowd. I will just say that it is very difficult to be on middle ground in the American political realm.

I want to visit L’Abri. They opened up many more schools across the globe and most stays now are about $25 a night including board and food. I really liked the way he approached evangelism in that it was a combination of apologetics and hospitality. It takes both reason and love for the other person in order for anyone to even begin to consider the truth that the Christian faith is preaching. And a disclaimer, Schaeffer simply engaged in conversations and dialogued with his students. If you feel threatened by any of this, it’s not suppose to be threatening.

Friday, March, 19, 2010

This is what I want to do this summer

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Or volunteer in New York, take bartending classes at Columbia, start a garden, read some books (list), watch some movies (list), go to New Orleans for the mission trip I missed, or cater/wait tables.

I need to finish C.S. Lewis’ Miracles! I can’t make myself read though, it’s too nice outside and I tried reading outside yesterday but totally failed. I also tried to read while walking which amounted to two pages per two hours. A walk would be very nice today. I might do that later.

My mind wanders a lot. Especially to places I want to travel to. I realize that I say “I want” a lot. I don’t like that but I do it anyway.

I watched a video on ABC News about the Texas textbook controversy. It is frightening how much power the Texas school board has over textbook sales; actually, how much power Don McLeroy has.

Read Donald Miller’s blog this morning and I really enjoyed his post about “Every Day Actions Into Spiritual Rituals.” I found the every day actions he wrote about personally comforting as weird as that sounds but I agree that rituals do serve as a sense of security and a connection with God. I might reflect more on my own spiritual rituals today, that is an idea. I also like his idea of using a new and differently translated Bible after reading one through so that the underlines will be different for each Bible.

I also followed the back and forth between Glenn Beck and Jim Wallis. I liked how Donald Miller described Jim Wallis as a very gentle person and correctly exemplified what “turning the other cheek” looks like.

This was a loaded Christian/Christianity post that had mostly nothing to do with what I want to do this summer. But yeah I want to go to British Columbia this summer to visit my cousin and be completely humbled by the awfully beautiful mountains. Any one want to go with me? I don’t want to be a solo traveler.

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