Tuesday, September, 21, 2010


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I’m taking Taiko this semester and I’m super excited. Taiko is Japanese drumming and it is a combination of dance and synchronized drumming. The drums are so loud and powerful but the drummers have to also be really graceful when striking the drums.

For homework, we have to watch videos of other Taiko groups and so I will share with you all the ones I came across tonight. I don’t think they are the best Taiko videos out there but I have only just started looking for them. My arms are going to be so, so buff.

The video was in HD so that’s pleasing to the eye. The group is called Kodo and they are actually from Japan. The drums we play with at school are much smaller and we definitely play with shirts on. Every breathe they take seems like it requires so much effort and that’s so legit-it’s so hard to relax playing fast and strong that sometimes I forget to breathe.

This video is of the San Francisco Dojo, which I believe is one of the first Taiko schools to open in America. (I miss San Fran)

There’s also this group called TaikoProject based in Los Angeles and they seem to be a young and more contemporary group that infuses hip hop, dance and storytelling. They played at some awesome places…

Finally, my professor, Mark Rooney, is the executive director of Odaiko (One) New England Taiko group near Boston. He’s the bald guy on the right.

If I ever have kids, I will put them through Taiko lessons for sure. Come to my performance! It’ll be on December 3rd.


Tuesday, November, 17, 2009

David Crowder Featured in N.Y. Times

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Christian Rock Borrows an Edge From iPhone. The writer can’t believe that Christian music can sound good. The whole review reads as if DCB tries to be other mainstream bands and that the writer can’t get over the fact that he might have actually enjoyed the concert.

Monday, October, 5, 2009

Forget and Not Slow Down for $3.99

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At Amazon

Just bought it.

Saturday, August, 22, 2009

Singalong-Phil Wickham

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Phil Wickham is letting everyone get his Singalong cd for free on his website. You just have to sign up for his newsletter and it will lead you to a download page.

Singalong songs are all live recordings from a concert he did in Oregon back in May.

Moving back to Wesleyan tomorrow. Already packed. Transitions. Stink.

Monday, July, 20, 2009

Nickel Creek Toxic Cover

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I wish they were still together and touring. It’s really unfortunate that I only recently started listening to them.

Wednesday, July, 8, 2009

Deep Blue Something

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🙂 Oh those nights.

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