Thursday, December, 2, 2010

Dean Karnazes is amazing

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Dean Karnazes…is the ultra marathon man. Seriously, he’s featured on Stan Lee’s Superhumans and if you read through his amazing accomplishments, you’ll be convinced that he’s out of this world.

He just recently ran 50 marathons (26.2 miles) in 50 states in 50 days to raise awareness about health, fitness and exercise. He has also completed a 135 mile ultra-marathon across the 120 degree temperatures in Death Valley. You can read more about his incredible feats on his bio page.

Anyway, I thought what he said here was hilarious.

Dean Karnazes was an average beer-guzzling Joe, stuck in a job he hated and sick of the rat race. Then, while celebrating his 30th birthday at a bar, he suddenly decided to walk out the door and go for a 30-mile run. That moment changed his life forever.

How do you even train to run 100 miles? How do you even decide to do that one day? What the heck does he eat? He runs basically from morning until night and I’m sure he’s burning like 10 pounds a day, which would mean that he would have to eat 10 pounds of food in order to maintain his muscles and weight…

You know…on my 21st birthday, I’ll just run a 21 miler.


Friday, April, 16, 2010


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GAMES: 10:40A, 12:20P, 2:00P AND 3:40P


Wednesday, February, 10, 2010

High Tide Ultimate Tournament

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The Ultimate team I play for at school, Vicious Circles, is heading to St. Simons, Georgia (Unfortunately, it’s about an hour and half away from Savannah) this spring break to play in the High Tide Ultimate tournament. We will be playing in Session II with twenty-three other women’s teams.

I decided to visit the site today to figure out A) how far away St. Simons is from Savannah (because I really miss Savannah) B) what other teams will be down there and C) when we will be playing (because we will be there for a whole week and we are not playing every single day).

First, I noticed that the website was “” Haha..and then I stumbled upon the logo for High Tide:

And I thought, man they must be totally mocking this whole Jesus thing…why the freak is there a cross on the disc. Except, they are really not joking. This was on their “About” page (bold added):

At Disc-iple our goal is to likewise challenge one another to know the rules of life as presented in the bible and to apply them with grace to one another. The perfect example  of this life was demonstrated best by the life of Jesus. Our hopes are that you will take up this challenge and test the words of this year’s scripture verse:

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.
Proverbs 25:2

And then there was this freakish picture of Jesus with a disc:

I don’t know if my team knows that they registered to a Jesus tournament but I think it’s really funny that they did. Then again, this is like the biggest Ultimate thing going down on the east coast during spring break. If they are giving out discs and shirts with “disc-iple” and that logo on it , I don’t think I will ever wear it. I don’t think anyone on my team will ever wear it. This is going to be very interesting because they might feel awkward making fun of this Jesus/ultimate tournament in front of me.

Sunday, April, 26, 2009

Buy a Vicious Circles Disc

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ONLY $10!!! IT LOOKS FREAKIN FLY AND HOT!!! We need money to go to regionals next weekend!!

Thursday, April, 2, 2009

Citi Field’s Food

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Long Island Clam and Corn Chowder is one of the many surprisingly delicious looking food served at the new Mets’ stadium! Obviously, those who pay for premium, platinum, box, whatever metal sounding seats have access to gourmet I don’t belong in a baseball stadium food.

I find it strange that a baseball stadium is so fancy and decked out. The Delta Sky Club 360 looks like a huge penthouse lounge overlooking the field. Even the concession foods look delicious. You have to check out the pictures here but they are serving good looking sandwiches, “Bayside fries” (Woot!), and chicken fingers. There will also be a Shake Shack.

I would love to watch a Mets game here 🙂 and try out some Bayside fries.

Wednesday, April, 1, 2009

2012 London Olympic Fonts

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The London 2012 Olympic Committee is considering using Comic Sans as the official typeface for the events. Eh.

I already think the 2012 logo is not that attractive looking. I am not sure if Comic Sans font is good for the Olympics.

Update: Yeah, I am going to play it off like I knew it was one.

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