Sunday, December, 12, 2010

Canon s95

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Purchased a new camera. It hasn’t arrived yet. Will play with it soon.

Canon s95.

Will start a tumblr soon, probably when I go abroad but I’ll still keep this. Everyone’s doing it. I should too. It might be easier.



Thursday, January, 14, 2010

Samsung Intensity Flamingo Red

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Two years are up. New free phones, renewed contract.

Samsung Intensity Flamingo Red. Cost: free.

Tuesday, July, 21, 2009

Trash Track

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A team of MIT researchers have begun a project known as Trash Track and they want to attach electronic tags to a few volunteers’ trash (Starbucks coffee cup) in order to trace the path of the trash. The project has started in New York City and Seattle.


A simulation image of how the tracking system would be presented

If you want to follow up on this project, they will be posting results online (not sure yet where it is online) and in exhibitions at the Architectural League in NYC and Seattle Public Library starting September.


An electronic tagger

Saturday, February, 28, 2009

Finally a Webcam

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Eric was gracious enough to order a Logitech QuickCam 3000 for me.

cameraSo friend me on Oovoo (mete23), Skype (mete23), or Google video chat!


I think Charles was trying to sing to me…not really

Thursday, December, 4, 2008

WordPress 2.7

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SO EXCITING! Playing around with the new 2.7 version of WordPress!


Wednesday, December, 3, 2008

Google Apps for Wes

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Wesleyan is adopting Google apps for next semester. Whee.

What is included: Gmail, calendar, video, no ads, and Gtalk. More space! Don’t most students already forward their Wesleyan email account to their regularly use account? The calendar and schedule tool sounds really useful for meal appointments (!), meetings, and whatnot.

Here is a list of schools that already use Google apps.

Sorry, there will minimal blogging this week due to the massive end of the semester work load. Lots of papers to write and presentations to give. I can technically go home on December 8th. Maybe I’ll ask my mom to see if she is willing to pick me up at night.

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