Saturday, March, 27, 2010

The Roof Blew Off…

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The roof of Child Voice International’s school in Lukodi blew off after last week’s hail and wind storm. Here are some pictures from Lowna who works at CVI:

D’Andrea, who also works at CVI right now, assessed the damage on the Lukodi compound on Uganda’s National TV.

Lukodi’s school was where I served last summer. I am thankful that none of the girls, their children or staff were hurt. Keeping them in prayer.


Thursday, September, 3, 2009

And Other Things…

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ARMOgedon 205.

I have been back on campus for what seems like a really long time now even though it’s been less than two weeks. I have not been blogging because every day has been the same with ResLife Training but there are tidbits that I would like to share. I figured these tidbits weren’t worthy of their own individual posts but I might simply be too lazy.

Yesterday evening was special because Jupiter’s moons vanished completely from our perspective on Earth. It was quite a big deal because it happens once every ten years. I caught glimpses of it through the telescope before the moons disappeared into the shadows of Jupiter. Seeing Jupiter through a telescope is amazing if I really think and reflect on it. Viewing any thing in the universe is humbling.

Uganda news:

Finally, the U.S. Open has begun. Not going this year though, which is kind of poops.

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