Thursday, May, 24, 2007

DISSECTION!! and some birthdays

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We have officially started dissecting a fetal pig in lab. i am deathly terrified but i’m glad i have two brave souls to help ease this difficult period, maybe too brave…

Pig Dissection Part I. Pratima was a monSTAR! Dude, if i had half as much courage as she did i would’ve cuddled that fetal pig.

Pig Dissection Part II. Pratima had too much fun

Pig Dissection Part III “Rubiks Masta, The Coolest, and Thunder Thieghs” rock lab 🙂

i’ll update more videos as the dissection progresses. Dr. Giwa and Bronx Science probably care that i’m exposing school things but whatever, i don’t mind. i like documenting random days in lab.

Happy Belated Birthday to Mindy! It was yesterday but i wished you one on time anyways. She was about to take her AP Spanish Exam. Stuy lets their students take the later ones…kinda not fair since everyone else has to take it two weeks before. Ugh, sorry, but i think Stuy needs to revamp their website, it’s quite not pretty.

Speaking of which, Bronx Science, Stuyvesant HS, and Hunter HS all had honorable mentions on this week’s Newsweek article “Ranking Our High Schools.” They were mentioned in the Public Elite Section, which only means that we score exceptionally higher in our SAT and ACT scores than most high schools. The Talented and Gifted or more commonly known as TAG in Dallas was ranked number uno. Last year, if i remembered correctly they were number one as well. Great Neck South out on Long Island ranked 40. i think they dropped significantly, again, if i remember accurately from previous years. i live so much closer to Great Neck South than Bronx Science, i should have just gone there, but i wasn’t zoned. Whatever!

Anyways, back to Mindy. We go way way way back, ever since elementary school, so definitely a high cheers to you. i’m very blessed that we haven’t lost contact yet.

Not to forget, but to wish an early birthday to the one and only Angela! You are freakin 100! About time you reached that tender old age. Don’t go senile on me yet 😀


My piano teacher, Professor Yu had a fund-raising concert on May 19th at Full Gospel Church. The all men’s choir sounded thunderous when they sang. It made me warm and tingly inside hehe. It was for Shanghai Music 4 Him



Cars was a fun movie. It’s predictable but when you are watching it, you’re rooting for everything to come true like the good guys win and the bad ones lose. i remember visiting MoMA one winter day when they had a temporary exhibit just for Pixar. It was cool seeing their rough drafts and how things evolved from board to screen. i love Pixar animations. And, i miss MoMA.

i’m gonna try to watch some more Heroes! GOODNIGHT!


Wednesday, May, 16, 2007

i am a superhiro!

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Whew! Things are a bit more calm now that “Advance Placement” exams are over. Actually, not really. Things just pick up again where they left off.

Spring Awakening has nabbed 11 Tony nominations. How does this relate to me? Well, nothing. But i remember seeing this show up on the TKTS board during Winter Break while standing on the endless line that never ends. It’s about teenagers’ raging hormones and their sexual encounters and realizations. Lovely. Tickets aren’t too bad. They go for about $31.50.

Joan Vennochi of Boston Globe said, “Leave it to Mitt Romney to shoot himself in the foot with a gun he doesn’t own.” She was referring to his seemingly contradicting views, supporting the Brady Bill, an assault weapons ban when he was running for Governor of Massachusetts to last August, totally zealous for guns. He claimed that he has been “a hunter pretty much all of my life” but admitting to only hunting twice in his life.

Mitt Romney wants the G.O.P. nomination. There’s a good chance he might get it. Good for him.


YEAH! Johnny Depp! BOY can not contain my pockets. He is probably my favorite favorite actor. MAY 25TH! (That is also an important date to remember hehe)


On Friday after the U.S. exam, Angela and i went to see Spiderman 3 . i thought it stunk like bugs under a log. Man, could a movie be ever more cheesy or random. It tried so hard to be funny but it failed miserably. All the actors need help learning how to cry. Well…except Topher Grace as Eddie Brock.

Also on my palette, i’ve started watching Heroes! It makes me happy. So the story begins with me procrastinating on Saturday, two eves before the AP Biology exam. i was fiddling my thumbs when a brilliant idea flashed like thunder across my head. EVERYONE WAS WATCHING HEROES FOR SOME STRANGE REASON. (?) Succumbing to conformity i decided to take a stroll and a risk by clicking the watch button (Beware!!: Here). i didn’t stop for 3 hours.

HE WENT TO BROWN. Just like John Krasinski.


Milo Ventimiglia or better known as Peter Petrelli! Flaming man.

A Choi once told me that


Said, ” If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart; I’ll stay there forever.”

Also, the Choi advised me to avoid a “wet cheeks poopie (the power dump) aka the kind that comes out so fast, your butt cheeks get splashed with water. ”

i shall take that message to heart.

Saturday, May, 5, 2007

On and on and on and on and on and on and on and etc (redundancy with some !)

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tribeca-film-festival.jpg + angela.jpg

EQUALS a pretty good day. That nutcase and her friend, Annie, and i went to the Tribeca Film Festival today. We didn’t see any movies, though we probably should have because it’s a “film” festival. But we went to the Family/Children’s Day thing. It was good to soak some sun and adore adorable children. i’d kidnap some if it wasn’t illegal. White (throwing out the race, politically incorrect card) toddlers have the most bubbliest faces ever! i think if Angela just so happens, decides not to have kids, then my “Second Mum” title is at stake. i’m gonna abduct some for safekeeping and insurance purposes.

We “saw” Shaun White aka the Flying Tomato on stage and his crazy hair. Angela dubbed him a transvestite. Lovely way to address an Olympic gold medalist. Tribeca was a bit more frugal this time, permitting only one free T-Shirt from American Express (i’ll post up some model pictures from beautiful people) and there weren’t any Oreo Popcorn, only normal tasting ones. We walked for hours on end, peering into bakery windows filled with sugar pumped delicious looking tarts. Afterwards, we spent some time in a secret hiding spot, ranting about life. 🙂

i was stupid not to bring a camera cause there were mad scary people there. There was a skinny Ape man that both Annie and i cried foul and a wannabe Batman that seriously needed a work out. His costume was as bad as Superman’s red underwear.


Here is one of Laura Loving’s work in her collection of “I love NY.” Her work will be featured at Trunkt Gallery from May 2nd through May 30th. She was showcasing awesome tiles that had imprints of her paintings of famous New York City landmarks such as the Rockefeller Ice Skating Rink above. That was one of Angela’s favorites.

Y es, today was also SAT II day for me, for some, the “BIG” SAT. Whatever man. Maybe if i say whatever enough, it’ll really be whatever. So i crammed studied a bit last night and early this morning in the car. Don’t ask me how it was because i won’t want to answer you in lieu of scaring myself with real stuff.

And recently, the whole month of April to now, i’ve stopped doing something i absolutely loved. This loser thing is reading Time, Newsweek, and National Geographic, weekly and monthly, respectively. Time made me real smiley when i saw the cover of “The Most Influential People in The World The Time 100.” i love this stuff! i’m definitely going to crack it up and pour over the pages tonight. Newsweek had an interesting article dealing with God/faith and the military. Last but not least, National Geographic is featuring “Jamestown The Real Story.” Considering that i love history, i’m gonna read this thing inside and out and hopefully continue dreaming of a day where i do nothing but read and bike and run and play and eat and talk with friends.

When i read articles, i am very selective and picky. i read things only regarding God, women, environment, and people. Maybe history sometimes.

Lame update: i went to a Mets game on Monday. It was a total bummer and utterly upsetting. Chan Ho Park, you better get your act on, silly man.

Friday is the AP United States History Exam and that following Monday is the AP Biology Exam. i’m so excited to study and be all vigorous and diligent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yo, those !s are bad man) Anyways, i’m learning repeatedly that life’s a lot more than what it seems. It’s always an illusion.

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