Tuesday, May, 4, 2010

Pre-Mother’s Day Post

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It’s not Mother’s Day yet but I needed to post this picture up:

I will post some more pictures on Mother’s Day but this made me laugh so much. I’m such an evil sister!

Maybe I should cut my hair like my mom’s slick hairdo. And I kinda like her sweater too…hmm


Sunday, October, 11, 2009

It’s My Daddy’s Birthday!

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Still radiating youth 🙂

Tuesday, May, 19, 2009

Dim Sum

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If anyone ever wants to have a dimsum competition, I dare you to challenge my family!



We are dim sum fiends! The above receipt is not really the most dimsums I’ve ever seen ordered. My dad orders everything and the employees at the restaurants loves us for it.

The Northern Manor is my absolute favorite dimsum place. It is not in Chinatown or Flushing, but in Little Neck so friends, if you want some dimsum in NYC, give me a call and I’d take you here! The dimsum is super super tasty.

Bronx Botanical Garden

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Over the weekend, my mom, Eric, and I went to the Bronx Botanical Garden because it was free admission, Saturday 10-12pm.  It is a magical and enchanting place. I really didn’t feel like I was in the Bronx or NYC. I will be going  back there this summer to see some of the other flowers bloom. Also, it has inspired me to visit other gardens like the Japanese Stroll Garden in Long Island.


My mom has an obsession with trees.

Wednesday is free all day! If you want to go into the conservatories, you need to pay $20 but still I’d pay it. Eric and I also want to go birdwatching…

Sunday, April, 12, 2009

Eric’s Baptism

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Oh Easter 🙂

Eric gets dunked.

Eric, why do you believe in God?

My family absolutely rocked the color spectrum today.

I really enjoyed my weekend!

Friday, March, 13, 2009

Eric’s Recital

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Eric has a piano recital at Weill Recital Hall on June 21st. Go watch him play! I’m not going to be around 😦


Haha, the poster is quite funny. I hope you didn’t smile like that for your yearbook picture.


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