Friday, March, 21, 2008

Fritalian and Spiderwick

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I think I saw this on doobybrain but Emily started singing the Dunkin Donuts Fritalian commercial today. It is such an addictive and clever advertisement. Emily thinks we should do a remake.

I love it.

Also, Emily and I went to go see The Spiderwick Chronicles. I am such a wuss because I found this PG rated movie so freaky. But it was really good.

I am not a pedophile but I LOVE FREDDIE HIGHMORE!!! He is only 2 years younger. Haha.


He voiced Pantalaimon in The Golden Compass! I need to see AUGUST RUSH! He’s going to be in ASTRO BOY!!!

August Rush:

He is so beautiful!


Thursday, March, 20, 2008

Obama’s Speech on Race

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Barack Obama’s recent speech on racism and on his pastor, Reverend Wright’s comments, was probably the best and most impressive speech I have ever heard. His eloquence made it easy to listen and understand. Obama addressed issues regarding the black and white community; things normal politicians would never have the courage to address. I respect him a lot.

Watch and Read his transcript simultaneously here.

I wish I could write and speak like he can.  He talked for 37 minutes. I thought it was going to be long and draggy but I was so drawn to his words that those 37 minutes passed by effortlessly. Please hear Mr. Obama speak; I strongly urge you to give even 5 minutes of your time.

On a lighter note, Charles and I went to see The Altar Boyz today at the New World Theatre. I was constantly laughing. The choreography was so good that I wanted to dance with them afterwards. Awesome 🙂

The Rockets finally fell to the Celtics. Phooey. It was a great run-22!

Tuesday, March, 18, 2008

Colbie Caillat

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I’ve heard of Bubbly before on the radio but Tiffany showed me the music video awhile ago. For some reason, I had the chorus of Bubbly stuck in my head so I found her myspace and video again. I like it but the song title “Bubbly” is kinda dumb. Colbie is a nice name though.

Watch the video here. No links available because of blah copyrights. It makes me feel a bit warm inside or maybe just retardly lovesick. She has more music on her myspace.

It starts in my toes
and I crinkle my nose
where ever it goes I always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go

Monday, March, 17, 2008

St. Patrick’s Day

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The Chicago River is dyed green every year to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day.  Looks like the banks of water near Flushing to me :O

Crazy week but I’m looking forward to Thursday and Friday :).

Saturday, March, 15, 2008

The Seven “New” Deadly Sins

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What the freak?! I don’t know if you have heard but Pope Benedict the XVI has issued seven new deadly sins this past week. The previous ones were pride, lust, anger, gluttony, sloth, envy, and greed. Now seven more sins have been added to the list...or replaced.

  1. Polluting
  2. Genetic Engineering
  3. Being obscenely rich
  4. Drug dealing
  5. Abortion
  6. Pedophilia
  7. Causing social injustice

One of the reasons why the Pope has revamped the deadly sins is because of the declining number of followers going to confession booths. In effect, by condemning the world in more unavoidable aspects of life-as if all of humanity don’t struggle with pride, anger, or greed, people will feel more guilty and motivated to line up to confess.

I think the Pope needs to get rid of his motorcade because his car and the fifteen other cars swarming him emit carbon dioxide-deadly to the environment. Not to mention the child molestation scandals that have stained the church-pedophilia. How much of this is actually biblical? Obviously this is a political movement. Atheists and people who dislike the church have more of a reason to dislike it even more. What right does the Church have in telling the world what is right and what is wrong. Isn’t that God’s job.


If I recall correctly, I think what Donald Miller and his friends did at Reed College was the right thing . They set up a confession booth for Christians to apologize for the wrongs the Church has incurred in the world. Christians are definitely not exempt from sin, in fact we are completely wretched people. I hope the Pope and the Church know that.

Saturday, March, 8, 2008

Lunar 2008

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To Siya: I wish I was there.

Lunar New Year Production 2008:

Video courtesy of Wen.

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