Monday, July, 30, 2007

Little Blackspot Mountain

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(l-r 1. Emily and Navajo Gospel Mission Compound 2. Sunrise 3. Helen Begay 4. Torie Wesley 5. Aundre, Trina, and Andrew Begay 6. Aundre Begay 7. Andrew Begay 8. Rainbow doo doo 9. Spider Rock 10. Torie Wesley 11. Canyon de Chelly 12. Cedar ridge, Grand Canyon Spencer, me, Daniel, Emily, Anne)


Wednesday, July, 11, 2007

So many loose strings everywhere all over the floor

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Sending me off with the left boot.

Pratima kicked me off too with her left fist, rowing that darn boat.

Last post before Arizona. Be back in like 2 weeks. Going to a retreat too. So many loose strings everywhere.

Monday, July, 9, 2007

More summer and more!

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TRANSFORMERS IS “GO SEE IT NOW OR ELSE YOU SHOULDN’T LIVE.” i give it six out of five stars. i’ll sheepishly admit that when i saw the trailer i thought “this is dumb.” But you know what?! I WAS WRONG! Emily joined me in this intergalactic excursion. We merrily bumped into Simon and Becca. Furthermore, Shia Labeouf has such pinchable cheeks.

Today, i went to the theatre to see Live Free or Die Hard. Again, at first, i wasn’t interested at all partly because Bruce Willis starred. But i was once again proven wrong. This was so action packed and just adrenaline fast paced crazy. It’s true there were some stunts that Willis did that were impossible and fake, but it was heart racing! i went with Mindy and i only get to see her once every year. It was great to meet an old friend 🙂 She got tickets to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tomorrow at midnight! AWESOME! Man…i wish i could join her.

WARNING: DEVASTATING NEWS BELOW. Wen decided to ruin my Saturday evening by showing me this:

“”Prison Break” star and Korean jeans model Wentworth Miller is gay and dating actor Luke MacFarlane who plays Scotty, a recurring gay character on the ABC family drama “Brothers & Sisters,” reports celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.”

Screw you Luke MacFarlane! You go behind my back and still my husband. Sneaky beast.



Okay, no more guys.

Dolce and Gabbana is spelled with two B’s. It’s really hot outside.

i was riding the bus back home when i witnessed young people hogging up the seats instead of giving them up for the elderly. That bugs me. Riding the bus is a great illustration of how greedy people can be. It reminded me of the book Blindness by Jose Saramago. i think he best showed the true nature of evil in people when their own hunger is not met. Selfishness runs rampant and people lose all of their character when their circumstances become uncomfortable or endangered. Then, they really aren’t that selfless are they?

Gonna be heading off to Arizona soon.

Tuesday, July, 3, 2007

Kicking Off Summer

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Hey July




Oh man, Leeland rocks. They gave an awesome concert and are absolutely beautiful!


Dinner. Frito scoops with good old fart beans.




He (Tim Skipper) is pretty up close. House of Heroes. Tiffany, Emily, Erica, and I got to meet them. They signed my Biblical Disaster shirt.


As always, Relient K shows up and plays a concert. This one wasn’t as amazing as previous ones but nonetheless refreshing to see them play live. Their bus caught on fire on their way out of Creation. They lost everything except themselves.


Bethany Dillon was great. She was the one who inspired me to pick up a guitar. She was too mature for the crowd.

Newsboys was good. i wanna hear them more.

Camping, porta-potties, dampness, humid, sweaty, dirty, ringing ears, and concerts.

Rest of the set found here.

Saw Ratatouille with Alisa. i love Pixar to death.

i hate college to death.

Be Quiet.

Tired as hell.

July 4th. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Leaving soon.

Ocean’s 13, Transformers, Evan Almighty, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (Imax maybe), Talk to Me, The Simpsons Movie, No Reservations (Abigail Breslin!), The Bourne Ultimatum, Rush Hour 3, Mr. Bean’s Holiday.

Mumbling, fumbling to wherever.



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