Tuesday, December, 8, 2009

Boston, Papers, Exams…etc

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I was in Boston this past weekend hanging out with the two best peeps in the world, Emily and Tiffany. They have a pretty sweet apartment and we had some adventures 🙂

Now, I have a lot of papers and exams due but I wil be done December 18th!!! I am so pumped for December 18th. Also, I have a West African Dance Performance on the night of December 18th, a huge dance party to end the semester. Come if you can. This will probably be the one and only time you’ll see me “dance” on stage.

I am also currently very excited about my sociology classes and I can rant on and on about stuff that I have been learning. I have been reading and watching books and movies with a sociological frame. It’s great. Check out stuff I have watched and read recently:


Menace II Society:

Compelled to Excel: Immigration, Education, and Opportunity Among Chinese Americans by Vivian Louie.


Friday, October, 16, 2009

Not Evil Just Wrong

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Whoa, Not Evil Just Wrong is an interesting film, sort of…it’s flipping global warming around.

Thanks Hayley!

Thursday, September, 3, 2009

And Other Things…

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ARMOgedon 205.

I have been back on campus for what seems like a really long time now even though it’s been less than two weeks. I have not been blogging because every day has been the same with ResLife Training but there are tidbits that I would like to share. I figured these tidbits weren’t worthy of their own individual posts but I might simply be too lazy.

Yesterday evening was special because Jupiter’s moons vanished completely from our perspective on Earth. It was quite a big deal because it happens once every ten years. I caught glimpses of it through the telescope before the moons disappeared into the shadows of Jupiter. Seeing Jupiter through a telescope is amazing if I really think and reflect on it. Viewing any thing in the universe is humbling.

Uganda news:

Finally, the U.S. Open has begun. Not going this year though, which is kind of poops.

Saturday, August, 8, 2009

The Greatest Villian Ever-Stay Puft

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This is the most hilarious scene in Ghostbusters.

Stay Puft is the hybrid child of Bibendum, the Michelin tire man, and Pillsbury Dough Boy.

51MH6ML6o3L._SS400_Stay Puft Shirt.

Monday, August, 3, 2009

Wesleyan Prof Mentioned in N.Y. Times Yesterday

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I know this is lame, but Jeanine D. Basinger,  the chair for the film studies department at Wesleyan was name dropped in yesterday’s N.Y. Times movie article of Julie and Julia.

Theories abound as to why. Jeanine D. Basinger, chairwoman of the film studies department at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, noted that male directors, producers and studio chiefs have always called most of the shots in Hollywood. “Men are just not as likely to care about that kind of story,” said Ms. Basinger, who is writing a book about the depiction of marriage on screen.

Professor Basinger taught Michael Bay and Joss Whedon, among other remarkable film writers, editors and producters.

Wesleyan professors aren’t mentioned that much in the news yo!

Wednesday, July, 15, 2009

Midnight Screening of HP6

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Immediate reaction after the movie ended. Overall I liked it a lot because it was surprisingly funny throughout the movie and they didn’t overdo the romance or make anything super cheesy. Luna and Lavender characters were fantastic. Tom Felton is still a sharp fellow 🙂

I like driving in the wee hours of the morning. No cars!

Trace our epic midnight screening  journey. More videos inside.


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