Thursday, April, 23, 2009

The Unlikely Disciple

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Kevin Roose was a sophomore when he decided to transfer from Brown University to Liberty University, the world’s largest Christian evangelical university. He went to Liberty with assumptions but found out that Christians were normal so he wrote a book about his experience there. The book is titled The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner’s Semester at America’s Holiest College.

He explains everything in the video so I’ll just let you watch and judge it for yourself.

I think it’s looney that he actually enrolled himself into Liberty University. That definitely took some major courage. (No rated R movies?!)  I am not sales pitching this book.  I just think it’s good that he had some of his questions answered and some assumptions cleared up. That’s not to say that fanatical Christians do not exist (unfortunately) but at least he tried to show that Christians were not as polarized in political beliefs as popular media portrayed them to be.

Whatever, people need to differentiate between who God really is and people’s interpretations of who God should be.


Sunday, April, 12, 2009

Eric’s Baptism

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Oh Easter 🙂

Eric gets dunked.

Eric, why do you believe in God?

My family absolutely rocked the color spectrum today.

I really enjoyed my weekend!

Saturday, January, 3, 2009

Blakeslee and Camelback

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Singstar is the new thing.


As always, nerts.  Thanks Tiffany for the above and above above pictures.


Friday, December, 19, 2008

Rick Warren for Invocation

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Rick Warren, author of A Purpose Driven Life and pastor of Saddleback Church, will deliver the invocation for the inauguration ceremony on January 20.Warren will also succeed Billy Graham as the nation’s pre-eminent pastor.

Some people are obviously pissed. (ie this) If anything this is a political move  to draw in the evangelicals and appear bipartisan. Whoever is hoping Obama will implement liberal policies will be disappointed. Obama’s presidency will have to have a centrist tone, otherwise the country will split in half if it isn’t already.

There are rumors that when Warren hosted a preliminary debate between Obama and McCain, there were no silent cones. Instead, McCain who went second in the debate/interview, heard all the questions that Warren asked Obama and so he was able to prepare beforehand. I don’t think that was what happened but if anyone has anything, let me know.  Interesting, we will see how this plays out.

Saturday, August, 9, 2008

Superheroes 08

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The coolest diploma I’ve ever received. Click inside to see the cool innards.

Excuse my ugly thumbs and poor picture quality but look at the Batman prints! Thank you Emily! SUPER SUCCESS! Inside for all ten fingers.


Sunday, June, 22, 2008

Baptitsm II

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Second and secondmost, someone needs to proofread!!

Baptism Program

No joke.


The Chinese have discovered two new ways of spelling “baptism.”

On Three…!

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