Saturday, March, 27, 2010

The Roof Blew Off…

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The roof of Child Voice International’s school in Lukodi blew off after last week’s hail and wind storm. Here are some pictures from Lowna who works at CVI:

D’Andrea, who also works at CVI right now, assessed the damage on the Lukodi compound on Uganda’s National TV.

Lukodi’s school was where I served last summer. I am thankful that none of the girls, their children or staff were hurt. Keeping them in prayer.


Wednesday, March, 24, 2010

Health Care Reform

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I am reading the front page of the N.Y. Times this morning and I just want to highlight some things in it.

A big chunk of the money to pay for the bill comes from lifting payroll taxes on households making more than $250,000.

Another major piece of financing would cut Medicare subsidies for private insurers, ultimately affecting their executives and shareholders.

The benefits, meanwhile, flow mostly to households making less than four times the poverty level — $88,200 for a family of four people. Those without insurance in this group will become eligible to receive subsidies or to join Medicaid. (Many of the poor are already covered by Medicaid.) Insurance costs are also likely to drop for higher-income workers at small companies.

Via In Health Care Bill, Obama Attacks Wealth Inequality (Bold added)

Also, college students/peer age people can be medically covered under our parents/guardians’ insurance until we are 26 instead of 23.

Do I think this is the end-all, solve-all bill?  No and Obama doesn’t think so either but I do think this will do society good. At least much better than our previous system.

I made my very own Barack Obama signature!

Thursday, January, 28, 2010

Racism in China

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This is the story of Lou Jing, a 20-year old contestant on Go! Oriental Angel (wtf?), the Shanghai version of American Idol. The reason for all of the buzz last year is because she is Black and Chinese. Her mother is from China and her dad, who she never met, is African American.

I felt like I was in a hot seat during my Comparative Race Analysis class today even though the conversation was not directed at me. I think for my Chinese (American) friends, we are aware of how racist Chinese people are towards Black people (tell your family that you want to marry a Black person) but it was still a shock to hear some of the explicit comments that Chinese people made towards Lou Jing. Actually, I take that back, the comments are worst for Lou Jing’s mother. The idea of intercourse with a person of a darker skin is almost unthinkable and “unclean.” I think on the show, they actually called Lou Jing “the black pearl” and “chocolate angel.” China is perhaps so homogenous that they don’t realize that these comments are discriminatory. The communist government has banned racial discrimination but ironically declares that racism is a “Western indulgence” and sees China as “the leader for victimized colored people.” (Dikotter, 1990)

There is an article from the Washington Post (pay to post) that also brings attention to the increasing racial tensions in China. China is investing  hundreds of billions of dollars in Africa, resulting in a new migration pattern where African men moving to cities like Guangzhou. There is an area in Guangzhou called “Chocolate City.” (Try saying that in Chinese in your head)

During class, I really wanted to alienate from the Chinese part of myself but at the same time, I wanted to marry a Black guy and go to China (or my family) and be like “now what!”  I married what you call a “black ghost!” (And that doesn’t even make sense because ghosts are transparent)

Thursday, January, 14, 2010

Haiti Relief

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Please do not grow numb to the pictures and news stories. Donations and prayers are two easy ways to act. Another way is to stay up to date with the news about rescue efforts and death tolls.

Photo courtesy of N.Y. Times.

List of Donors. Pictures.

Sunday, August, 9, 2009

Climate Change as a Threat to U.S. Security

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Image via N.Y. Times

Today’s front page of the N.Y. Times: Climate Change Seen as Threat to U.S. Security.

So now we will start paying attention to what the scientists have been saying all along because it will interfere with our nation’s concerns and interests.

“Such climate-induced crises could topple governments, feed terrorist movements or destabilize entire regions, say the analysts, experts at the Pentagon and intelligence agencies who for the first time are taking a serious look at the national security implications of climate change.”

Should have faced the facts sooner. Then again, humanity isn’t inclined to think of others first before the self. Look at what has happened.

Thursday, July, 30, 2009

Elite Colleges and Salaries

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Payscale recently did a survey where they compared school credentials with salaries. N.Y. Times reported on the data. They wanted to know whether the type of college would affect immediate salaries and mid-career salaries (1o years after graduation). Not only did they relate schools to salaries, they also reported on majors versus salaries with engineers leading the way as the best paid profession.

Find your school here.

payscaleschoolsalary2As shown, Dartmouth has the highest mid-career median salary. Look at the other schools though: Polytechnic Brooklyn, Colgate and Bucknell.

payscalemajorsI’ve posted this before about 2008 graduate majors and salaries. To sum up, those who study engineer, economics, mathematics and sciences usually earn the most.

bottom10Haha. I love this chart that shows the majors with the lowest pay. Guess what I plan to study? Shat money. But then again, I am not studying for the money 😛

This set of data would have been so helpful for me last semester because I wrote a final paper on this topic.

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